In an effort to create a product with lower operating and servicing costs, we investigated the possibility of developing a new auto belay.  Priorities for development included:

  • A reliable self-regulating backup braking system
  • Exceptional design life with minimal maintenance
  • Lower operational costs and servicing requirements
  • Designed and engineered for high use climbing environments
  • A webbing feed system that maximizes the life of the webbing

The primary principles of magnetic phenomena provide the enabling technology for the braking system, which incorporates rare-earth magnets.  All components have been engineered to provide exceptional design life with limited maintenance.

About TRUBLUE Auto Belays

TRUBLUE Auto Belays is a sister company of Eldorado Climbing Walls.  One of the most established climbing wall companies in the industry, Eldorado recognized the value that the TRUBLUE unit will provide the industry.  Visit Eldorado Climbing Walls at

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